Paul's Background

In 35 years of licensed experience I’ve worked with a wide variety of clients. They have included severely emotionally disturbed children and adolescents, inner city gang members, child abuse victims, domestic violence perpetrators, families, and couples. Many people simplly need support and understanding while going through some difficult time, while others haven't been able to change some behavior that may be causing another person difficulty. Personal needs vary, as do reactions to stressful situations; including developmental transitions and change.

In 2002 I received the Lambert Award for therapeutic excellence presented by PacifiCare Behavioral Health. My clients showed the greatest change with fewest number of sessions among all other PacifiCare therapists across the US (who turned in the required questionaires). I'm still proud of this.

As an undergraduate student I was fortunate to find several professors who advocated for counselors and therapists to receive their own treatment. Through many personal encounter groups and my own individual treatment I've learned we're all funtioning on a continuium of psychological health with far more similarities then differences. This has provided me with training and skill to empathize and understand most people in most situations.

My first professional job was as a family therapist at a runaway shelter. Working with whole families at such a crisis point in their lives, while receiving weekly supervision, provided a strong depth in accepting vastly different viewpoints at almost the same time, while helping negotiate workable solutions. Working with inner city gang members taught me to find something positive or worthwhile with almost everyone. Working with domestic violence taught me the importance of anger management and emotional regulation. Working with young children, teens and adults has shown me how dysfunctional patterns develop and then remain over time; unless an antidote or new behavior is learned.

I bring this experience to my practice and try to inform it with current interest in mindfulness and meditation.